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Nordklang is a small festival in St. Gallen (Switzerland). The festival is a non-profit event, only driven by the passion for Nordic music. Therefore we only offer all the bands their travel, hotel and food expenses be paid. This means there is no fee for playing at Nordklang Festival, but we guarantee a nice stay in St. Gallen, or as the team behind the event says: «A nice treat». So no fee – but still a good possibility to reach a new audience and a great experience. Nordklang has already made a name for themselves as a serious presenter of Nordic music in St. Gallen. First with the «Färöer Connection», which began some years ago – presenting Faroese music – and drama. 

However, Nordklang has expanded its scope to also include live concerts featuring bands from all over the Nordic countries thus organizing Nordklang live music event in St. Gallen. The event is based in the beautiful city of St. Gallen. The people of St. Gallen find Nordic music very exotic, and therefore its possible for Nordklang arrange its 13th festival in 2019.

It’s a small festival with various stages (with a capacity of a few hundred), and a number of small scenes (theatre, cafés etc.) in the city. Behind the festival – founded by Felix Van den Berg – is a team, who have a big passion for Nordic music. The festival has over the years presented acts like Efterklang, Blaue Blume, Hafdis Huld, Navneløs, A Kid Hereafter, Amiina, Under Byen, Goodiepal, Reptile Youth, Adna, Rasmus Lyberth, Sekuoia, Hjálmar, Honningbarna, Magenta Skycode, Dad Rocks!, Petur Ben – just to name a few. Special projects come to light as collaborations between musicians from the nordic countries and from Switzerland such as the „Nordklang Sessions“ (a one-week songwriting camp), or Danish Mother Lewinsky playing with a youth orchestra from St. Gallen. In 2015, Get Your Gun performed acousticly with a local men’s choir. No idea is too extraordinary to be realised.